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A. Number and size of spaces available at Market site will be determined by the number of vendors.

B. A daily space fee, varies dependent on size and location, will be charged to Market participants; payment entitles vendors to sell at Market on the day for which the fee is collected.

C. Spaces around the building or inside the building will be charged at a daily, weekly or monthly rate, and it will be under different rules from the outside weekend market.

D Space fees will be collected in advance either online or in person.

E. Spaces at the Market site will be occupied by paid up vendors on a first-come-first-served basis.



A. Knowledge of and compliance with all state regulations regarding the production, labeling, display and sale of all products at The Market at the Oasis is the responsibility of the individual vendor.

1. Sales tax must be collected as required by Louisiana State law. Louisiana's Sales and Use Tax law requires each vendor to obtain their own tax numbers, and be familiar with which of their items are taxable, and to collect such taxes and forward them to the State Treasurer.

2. Processors of homemade foods such as pickles, baked goods etc. must comply with the Department of Agriculture requirements and assume responsibility for licensing, inspection, etc.

3. Eggs, fish, meat, dairy products must be handled in a manner acceptable to state regulation, e.g. product must be kept in a cooler or on ice or under refrigeration.

4. Department of Agriculture law requires that fresh produce must be displayed at lease 6 inches off the floor.

5. All products sold by weight must use scales carrying current certification by the Department of Weights and Measures in compliance with Louisiana state law.

6. Vendors engaged in growing and selling plants of all kinds must obtain a license from the Louisiana State Department of Agriculture.


B. Prices should be displayed clearly, either by use of a price list or with individual signs for each product.

C. Each vendor selling at the Market will have a good understanding and knowledge of his/her product, its handling etc.



A. Vendors will be neat, suitably dressed, and deal with the public in a courteous and appropriate manner.

B. All vendors will display their products neatly and attractively, with consideration for the other vendors and the general public.

C. Vendors are responsible for their own spaces, and will supply all necessary tents, tables, chairs and trash containers. We highly recommend a white 10' x 10' tent for appearance sake.



A. Layout of the parking spaces will be determined by the Market manager and the property owners.

B. Customer parking will be clearly designated by conspicuous signs and arranged to insure safety and Market visibility.

C. Vendor parking arrangements will be located at the back of site. Vendors that use their vehicles as part of the display, such as farmers, will have certain spaces to display and conduct business.

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